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Let’s make cool stuff. Every amazing product starts with a dream.


The first and most important step in the process is to hear you explain your vision to us. We discuss the goals, parameters and opportunities of the project.


We always like to think big, however the reality is there is always a budget, and to maximise the effectiveness of your $$$ it’s always best to start with a clear budget.


Sometimes the most crucial aspect of a project is its speed to market. We are able to tailor the program to make sure delivery time is bang on.


Before we start designing, we gather all the data and carefully analyse it to formulate a clear direction and craft the program to achieve the desired result.


Using a variety of media and design tools, such as hand sketching, 3D modelling, form studies, and mock-ups, we explore various designs until we find “The One”.


Using a variety of methods such as creating working prototypes and using simulation software, we test, tweak and fine tune until we hit the sweet spot.

Final Touches

Once we have a firm grasp of the base design, it’s time to play around with different colours, finishes and alternative materials – why not?


Being strategically based in Shenzhen, we have direct access to the largest manufacturing hub on the planet enabling us to get things made faster and more economically.

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Not just a pretty face. Flawless functionality is the key to truly great products.

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Design is about Relationships. We create memorable connections between people and our products


Industrial Design

Oozing with flair, our creative team will capture your vision and conceptualize it. Using various different media, they will bring it to life.


Let’s make sure this thing works. To make outstanding products you need to push the limits, and this is where calculations through simulation and FEA help take out the guess work.


Put it to the test. We use multiple production methods to make a working version of your product to thoroughly test all aspects of its function before we create a master 3D model.

Go to Market Strategy

Having a great product is one thing, but how do people find out about it and buy it? We are able to guide you through the process of choosing the right path to market.


Who are you? If you don’t already have a strong brand, we will help you create one and give your product or company its own identity.


Let’s make this awesome stuff! From sourcing suppliers, negotiating pricing, preparing the contracts, to overseeing production and final QC, we have it covered.


Presentation is everything. We will help you create the best package to both transport your goodies safely, and give your customers the unboxing experience your product deserves.


Often an afterthought, logistics can be a major factor that decides the success of your product. Understanding all the different options, we can tailor the perfect solution.

Fortune favours the brave. Take the leap and share your idea with the world.


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